Google+ – All the Information You Need To Know

Back when I wrote my post on Google+, I didn’t really know what I was talking about. I still don’t, so I’ve been looking into what Google+ has to offer.

I’ve been looking at how they came about, what they are and how Google+ can benefit me. Well, I think I hit the nail in the head this afternoon when I came across an article written by “State of Search,” entitled, “Google+ – Hottest posts about Google+.” They’ve pretty much written one post with links to all their Google+ posts, which I find rather informative.

You can check it out, but before you look, see if it’s worth your while. Here are the post titles and links:

- What is Google+ Really all About?
- Google+: Sooner Or Later You Are Going To End Up Using It
- Eric Schmidt Confirms: The Social Signal is a Ranking Factor
- 6 Ways Google Gets Your Social Data
- How to use Google +
- How to Share on Google+
- How To Become That Suggested User on Google

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