Have You Had Success With LinkedIn?

I’m wondering how many of you out there have used LinkedIn and have had success with it. I’ll admit that I only have had one brush with it a few years ago and decided to abandon it. It didn’t fit who I was.

I understand that things may have changed. People now use LinkedIn for much more then a one sheet to help tell others about themselves. Now, it’s a branding tool. Still, I’m not sure if it fits in my social universe. I do see LinkedIn pages everywhere though.

I read a good article called, “4 Ways to Profit From LinkedIn” that was posted by the fine people over at the Social Media Examiner. Apparently, there are ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage and there are ways to profit from it. If you’re into LinkedIn already, this article may give enough good advice to act upon.

Just a reminder – I follow many SEO related blogs and websites to stay on top of the industry. By doing this, I learn and can offer my own commentary when necessary. I hope you enjoy.

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